Dodgeball Academy Perth

1. All games are 33 minutes long, two halves of 15 minutes each with a 3-minute half time break.
2. Field size is 18 metres long, 10 metres wide. Half way line at 9 metres and 2 throwing lines 3 metres off halfway line on each side.
3. Six players on each team, with 3 subs max
4. Teams shall start behind the back line and not enter the field of play until umpire has said ‘dodgeball’
5. Players can cross the middle line only when chasing the ball at the start of each set.
6. Players shall not throw at opponents until they have gone behind the 3-metre throwing line.
7. Head shots are not allowed, player that through the ball will be deemed out. (umpires’ discretion)
8. Once a player has been hit, they shall immediately leave the field of play.
9. If a player catches the ball, the player who through the ball will be deemed out and the catching team will receive a player back on the field.
10. Once a thrown ball touches the ground or any nets, the ball will be deemed dead.
11. A catch needs to be controlled before the umpire deems it complete.
12. If a player comes in contact with the net or outside the of field of play, they will be deemed out.
13. A set is won when all 6 of their players are deemed out.
14. All games need to be won by a team, there is NO DRAWS
15. A Set needs to be complete even when time expires.
16. If a set is still going when time expires, it will be deemed sudden death, the umpire will call sudden death.
17. Sudden death means any contact by a thrown ball from the opposing team will deem you out. There is no catching or blocking in sudden death.
18. Winning teams will receive three points for the win, losing teams will receive one point for the loss.
19. Forfeits will mean that your team will lose the game ten points to zero and will receive zero points towards the ladder.
20. When a set is won the winning team will receive one point to their score. The most sets won is the winning team.
21. If your team is late the team that is on field will receive one point for every minute the opposing team is late. If the team receives ten points, they will have won the game and the game will be called.
22. Teams will have ten seconds to release the ball and the umpire will give a warning to release.
23. If one of your players has been hit then another player gets hit, they will both be deemed out.
24. If one of your team players get hit and then the ball is caught both players stay in the game and the throwing player is deemed out, you’ll also receive a player back on the field.

Tuesday Night Rules are WDBF standard rules, Rules are on the link below

WDBF foam Rules